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Why Postcard Marketing

What are the 2 biggest secrets of Postcard Marketing?


Consistent, repeated mailings are the way to create big predictable results. When you reach your potential consumer regularly for a year the result will be a dramatic growth in your business. People respond to repetition. Study after study shows that there is nothing more important in your marketing campaign then repetition. Postcard marketing is an affordable way to ensure that you are in front of your potential customer not just when they your services, but before as well as when. Ever see a child ask their parent for something only to get a no 3 or 4 times but then by the 7th request get what they wanted? Repetition! Your customers are the same. They need to be asked repeatedly too. Consistency sells. Postcards allow you to consistently ask for their business, affordably.


There are only a few reasons people don't buy your products and services.


The first is they just simply don't need your service. Imagine how much more effective your campaign is when you target someone that might actually do business with you. You will become instantly more profitable by targeting those who have demonstrated they want your product or service or one's similar to yours and then mail to them.


When you promote your business or message to people that are most likely to do business with you, clearly you have given yourself the best chance to add a new customer. Direct Mail allows you to do this and post cards are the least expensive form of direct mail marketing.


Second, they just don't have the money. The good news is when you have targeted correctly, most businesses and consumers won't avoid purchases because they don't have or can't get the money for any purchase that they need. If they don't buy it’s usually because they decide something else is more important.


People usually buy to a product to avoid pain and or gain pleasure. You can get them to buy from you by showing them they will avoid pain by getting rid of something they don't want or they will gain pleasure by getting them something they do want or get them more of something they already have.


A good campaign will show your prospects that you, your products and/or your services give or get them what they really want.


Next is procrastination. People tend to procrastinate even after they decide to buy something. The longer they wait to purchase the harder it is to get their business unless you remind them. Again we see the need for a consistent campaign. Keeping your message in front of them with repetitive mailings will make it so you don't lose the business. The reason repetitive mailings are so effective is that they remind your customers and prospects of what they are missing by not having your product or service. Building a good sense of urgency when you can will help to avoid losing sales because of procrastination.


Do repetitive direct mailings to targeted customers and prospects and you will make more sales?


Lastly, they just don't trust you. Fear of loss is the most dominating emotion in the human psyche. This fear causes them to avoid doing business with you. We all have had the experience of making a bad decision on a purchase. The fear of making another bad decision hangs in the back of your mind. A good consistent campaign builds confidence that you will be there to service their needs whenever they need you.


These are the only reasons why your potential customers don't call you. You will increase your sales with a good targeted direct mail campaign that overcomes each of these. Print with Class will help you design effective attention-getting direct mail pieces that work. We can help you choose the most effective type of Direct Mail piece for your business.


The bottom line is 98% of America checks their mail at the first opportunity. A direct mail campaign will place you in front of them and grow your business.


Two questions help decide if direct mail is for you.




If you knock on the door of 500 or your potential customers and ask them to recommend a business in your profession how many would say your name?




If more of those people said your name when asked the same question, would you have more sales?


Direct mail is for you!


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