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Ani Furniture


Being a fairly new business we were looking for ways to get our name out in the community. Print with Class' mail program was affordable and we knew would be good exposure for us. We were so happy with the design and the results. The response that we received was great and proved to be a sound business decision. Thank you for doing a spectacular job for us!




We want to thank Print with Class and their art department for creating a wonderful campaign that we are proud to present to the community. The entire process was easy and hassle free and the end results speak for themselves. Our favorite part of the program is the cost! Thank you for helping our business grow!




Thank you for helping my new business. I was looking at several other options for advertising and was not happy with several things about them. I could not find the quality that I felt necessary. I could not find a program with enough exposure for my new business. Most importantly, I could not find something that was affordable. Opening a new business is not cheap and the budget only allows for so much advertising at the beginning. Thank you for helping me find everything I was looking for in a marketing program. The best part is my return! I was shocked and had no idea it would be this effective. Thank you sir!




Being in business for more than a decade, I’ve tried every avenue of marketing my business and have found success in very few of them. I gave your program a try because it was a huge amount of exposure for a very little cost. I must say, that for a first run of something completely new in the area, I am impressed with the results so far. I am confident that on the upcoming runs, my return on investment will only grow as people see my business more and more in their mailboxes. I look forward to doing much more business together in the future.


MP Fitness


I would like to personally thank you and your company for the wonderful results we received from your direct mail campaign. As you well know, we had been trying direct mail on our own and found the return on investment to be a lot less than expected. Your program was not only extremely affordable but also very effective. We achieved better results with the first run of your mailer than with multiple runs that we had done previously on our own, at a fraction of the cost!

Thank you for helping our business grow and we look forward to a long lasting relationship between our companies.


R and R glass


I would like to thank you and Print with Class for providing us with an amazing response through the campaign you developed for us. Within the first few days we were already receiving phone calls about our mailer and we were able to secure 3 new customers within days of the mailing. We are excited about expanding our current campaign to multiple areas, as we are confident that we have found a company that truly works.


Next Generation Jewelers


We are constantly looking for better ways to market our business. When we first saw your mailers we were excited and very eager to try them. We love the high quality of the mailer and it is something that we are proud to be presneted on. We are not only happy with the way that we are presented to the community, we are seeing excellent results from the program.








Many more available on request

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