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Effective Postcard Marketing For Realtors

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5 Rules of Effective Postcard Marketing


Postcard marketing is a tried-and-true promotional method in the real estate business. Here are five things you can do to make your postcards stand out.




They may lack the dynamism of online social networks or the larger-than-life quality of roadside billboards, but postcards are a proven marketing tool for real estate pros. A big part of their appeal is that they can be produced and distributed fairly easily, at a relatively low cost, and you don’t have to be a marketing genius to develop them.


Often times, real estate pros believe that postcards take a long time to work, but that is simply untrue. Effective postcards work immediately and, over time, create an increased, steady flow of business.


In spite of their simplicity, though, postcard marketing isn’t foolproof. To ensure it generates a positive outcome, follow these five guidelines:


1. Measure the results.

You should measure immediate results, as well as results over time of your postcard campaign. Within days of receiving an effective postcard, some people will respond. You may get e-mails, registrations on your Web site, requests for information, or an offered service, depending on what action you request. You may simply get a personal acknowledgement. Best of all, you may get requests to discuss selling or buying.  


Each week and month, effective postcards can generate additional initial appointments. Each quarter and each year, they create additional listings and sales.


So every morning, take five minutes to record results, initial appointments, listings, and sales—noting the sources of each. Notice what postcard and what specific part of the postcard generated the results. Then, repeat postcard elements that generate the best responses; eliminate the elements that don’t.


Also, measure return on your investment. Effective postcard campaigns return a minimum of four times the cost. More often, the return is eight to 12 times the cost.


2. Design your postcard for results.

Effective postcards are designed with five elements:


The practitioner’s picture on both sides

Pictures of homes for sale and/or sold

Branding created with consistency of color, layout, design, and fonts

A message specific to the targeted market

Calls to action.


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